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Spin a Tale, Shape a World

AI-Native Storytelling Game


Harnessing advanced language AI, immerse yourself in the captivating realm of "1001 Nights", a distinctive game where language's power molds reality...


From Story to Reality:

As Shahrzad, you have the magic that turning stories into reality! Guide an AI King to weave tales abundant in keywords. Words such as 'sword', 'knife', or 'shield' transcend mere vocabulary; they materialize as in-game weapons!

This narrative realm is vividly animated using cutting-edge AI models. The richer the tale, the mightier your arsenal. Every story is a unique collaboration between you and the King — ensuring no repetition!

img_v3_025o_3aff9dfb-5e3a-49f0-9138-08b92e75686g 1.png

Battle with Items from Your Tale!

Wield the weapons you've conjured to face and challenge the King. Your paramount goal? To pen a new chapter in Shahrzad's fate, diverging from age-old folklore.



AI-Driven World Creation

Fueled by a sophisticated AI language model, witness your narrated tales metamorphose into visual realities, harmoniously merging with the game's pixel art design.


Player-Driven Narratives:

You're not merely a player; you're a storyteller. Forge narratives that stretch the game's horizons, collaborating with AI to redefine its boundaries.

Empowered by LLM Reasoning:

You want to deceive the King? He won't accept that! With the LLM reasoning method, Sasanian King became very strict on the story you tell ... be serious!

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Publication (Yes we have papers)

V2 Paper (2023, including image generation)

Y. Sun, Z. Li, K. Fang,  C. H. Lee and A. Asadipour,“Language as Reality: A Co-Creative Storytelling Game Experience in 1001 Nights using Generative AI”,AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE-23) Also available at arXiv

V1 Paper (2022, Early version)

Y. Sun, X. Ni, H. Feng, R. LC., Lee, C. H. Lee and A. Asadipour, “Bringing Stories to Life in 1001 Nights: A Co-creative Text Adventure Game Using a Story Generation Model”, International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS 2022) Also available at ResearchGate

AI Content Disclosure

This is a game with free demo playing with AI in a creative manner, not a game made by AI. As a small self-funded indie team without income for this, we will do our best for transparency, and welcome any suggestion and feedback. We welcome any concerns, suggestions, or questions about our AI-generated content and processes at adaeden1001(at) 

Please read our disclosure on Steam or our demo page

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