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Spin a Tale, Shape a World

AI-Native Storytelling Game


AI-Native Storytelling Game

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world"
This is a game about storytelling.
Inspired by the folktale collection "1001 Nights", this game follows the story of an evil king who, betrayed by his wife, marries a new maiden each day only to execute her the following morning. You, as Shahrzad, become his next bride. You possess the secret magic to turn language into reality... Can you end his reign of terror?


Turning language to reality!

As the heroine Shahrzad, you have the magic that turns other one's language into reality! Guide the King (powered by AI) to mention weapons in his continuation, such as 'sword', 'knife', or 'shield' ... they materialize as weapons for you to fight the king!


The new reality from the tales will gradually emerge through cutting-edge AI models! Every story is unique between you and the King...


Awards and Academic Papers

"1001 Nights" isn't just a game; it's also an academic research project. Rooted in academic research, we've published two papers in the fields of AI and interactive storytelling during its development. 

V2 Paper (2023, including image generation)​

Y. Sun et al.,“Language as Reality: A Co-Creative Storytelling Game Experience in 1001 Nights using Generative AI”,AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE-23) Also available at arXiv

V1 Paper (2022, Early version)

Y. Sun et al, “Bringing Stories to Life in 1001 Nights: A Co-creative Text Adventure Game Using a Story Generation Model”, International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling (ICIDS 2022) Also available at ResearchGate

AI Content Disclosure

As a pre-GPT game that started in 2020, the motivation behind this experimental game is to explore creative narrative gameplay based on conversational AI.  

When we started this game as an art and academic project, our guiding principle was to use AI only to create novel gaming experiences that were previously impossible, not to replace human creativity in any way. All main game assets are manually made by artists in the team, and only used AI visuals to assist minor components, e.g. far background sprite and carpet textures. 


As a small self-funded indie team without income for this, we will do our best for transparency, and welcome any suggestion and feedback. We welcome any concerns, suggestions, or questions.

Please read our disclosure on Steam or our demo page


About the team

We weave tales from machines' whispers.

Ada Eden is a group named after the pioneering programmer Ada Lovelace. We gathered in early 2023 to develop experimental games and research in creative storytelling based on AI.​

Currently, Ada Eden is fully self-funded without any funding or income. We love cats and stories.


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